Shnakar Lingala

My poor dog has spent his life scratching himself half to death while meanwhile I've spent the same amount of time, 2years, looking for the cause. I've tried every "healthy" kibble on the market and none of them make any difference. Vets have claimed allergies to grass, etc. and not food but I was pretty sure it was from his food. So I started feeding him two home cooked ingredients, meat and sweet potato, and after about 6 or 7 months, lo and behold, his skin is a normal color and not flaming red, and the really good news is he stopped scratching!!! And he seems to be feeling better than ever!

The vet said I needed a supplement because this food would not be enough nutrition for him. I had noticed his fur was not shiny any more and seemed dry and lackluster. So I shopped around and found the ADBHUT LS and took a chance.

He liked it a lot more at first than he did after awhile. I followed the instructions of giving him and it helped. I only give it to him 2 times (meals) a day and that seems to be enough. I used to put it right on his food. I mix it with a little water just enough so it's not a powder anymore. You can use cool or warm, same result.he seems to like it much better that way. I tried putting it in a separate bowl but then he wouldn't touch it. If it's in his bowl along with his food he'll eat it.

The vet also said he needs extra calcium so I also use a powdered calcium supplement and that might be cutting the strong flavor of the ADBHUT LS even more because with that in it he eats it right down without hesitating at all. This is a dog who refuses to eat salmon oil so he's kind of picky.

If your dog is experiencing loose stools or gastric upset it's probably because you're giving them too much too fast. Instead of assuming the product is bad for them and then giving it a bad review, try giving them less and increasing it very slowly. It's possible that any change in a dog's diet can upset their system, unless it's done in small increments.

I believe this is one of the healthiest supplements out there and I'm confident it's helping him. he seems even more lively and even healthier. His coat is definitely a lot healthier. Some of the unhappy reviewers only gave their pet two or three weeks and then were dissatisfied with the results. It took a couple of months to see any significant change in my dog so it's not magical and it won't happen over night.

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