Adbhut is comprised of a unique mineral composition, its rich source of micro and macro nutrients provide a rich base to ensure that your world (you, plants, and animals) are replenished with the nutrients that it requires in your systems.Adbhut is comprised of a unique mineral composition, its rich source of micro and macro nutrients provide a rich base to ensure that your world (you, plants, and animals) are replenished with the nutrients that it requires in your systems.


Nature has given MAN everything, MOTHER EARTH, the SOIL provides food to MAN. Hence, Soil is a vital natural resource to support all living things on it, starting from microbes like amoebae to the human beings. Therefore it is necessary to protect the soil from being polluted by the mankind.

Especially our country is occupying by more than 75% on Agricultural land & Agricultural activities. We grow more & more crops from the lands to feed the growing population. The crops remove sizable amount of the nutrients from the soil nutrient supplying power (Soil Fertility) leading to depletion of most nutrients from the soil. Added to that the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers for exploitation of more productivity coupled with non usage of adequate organics to the soil leading to the loss of soil fertility.

In this context the ADBHUT-Ag., is the right type of Soil Rejuvenator to be introduced to protect the soil health for the maintenance of soil fertility for sustainable food productivity to feed the growing population. Healthy Soil alone can produce Healthy Plants. Therefore to maintain a Soil Healthy Rejuvenator, ADBHUT-Ag., is required.

ADBHUT-Ag., is a naturally occurring montmorillonite clay from American soil, infused with 78 macro & micro nutrients which is really a NATURES GIFT TO THE MANKIND. When applied to our soil, it rejuvenates the soil by favouring the normal conditions, reversing the problems of soil sodicity, acidity & salinity for a tremendous microbial activity which decides the availability of all nutrients in soil for a normal feeding to the crop. As a chelated natural clay, it supplies 78 nutrients to the soil to feed the plants for a sustainable productivity.


GROWTH and HEALTH of LIVE STOCK is all the more important to sustain these industries and small scale house hold activities as well. And hence, rightfully, the focus of livestock development projects is on raising production levels through better disease control and introduction of new technologies such as fodder plants, breeds of livestock and management practices. It is also pertinent to note that health of livestock has direct bearing on human health as well. Thus there are two basic issues to the human society connected to this agri-allied activity – socio economic and health. Economic growth and human health risks associated with livestock diseases is causing concern. Parasitic management program in organic farming can be practiced through a combo of improved nutrition, and pasture and grazing management. Supplementation of high amount of dietary protein in the form of degradable protein, minerals such as Zinc, molybdenum, copper and phosphorous, vitamins such a vitamin A, E and B12 are fruitful for resistance, resilience and expression of immunity.

Nutrition is a critical factor influencing the productivity and profitability of a livestock enterprise.

The performance of an animal is determined by the interaction between genetics and environmental influences, including nutrition. Without good nutrition, genetic potential will not be realized.

Supplementary feeding assumes all the importance in this context, as important considerations thereof being

  • Animal Health
  • Feed Budgeting
  • Production Objectives
  • Nutrition

ADBHUT Ls is a remineraliser and a rich variety of minerals and nutrients, like those found in ADBHUT LS can make a real difference when it comes to the growth, vitality and overall health of livestock.


    It works in three ways:

  • Bio available Nutrition: The wide spectrum chelated minerals found in Adbhut LS can deliver more bio available nutritive value to the livestock.
  • Strengthens & Fortifies: Facilitates wide variety of health benefits in livestock, which include shinier coats and stronger hooves
  • Supports Growth: A rich and diverse balance of essential minerals and nutrients serve livestock health, growth and productivity.

Adbhut LS is a Montmorillonite, a colloidal silicate. It is a natural mineral compound. Adbhut LS is natural mineral clay and minerals contained herein have a very definite value in the biochemistry of the body.

    ADBHUT LS was subjected to research and research findings are:

  • Absorbs toxic substances from the intestinal tract, and at the same time possesses a healing and soothing quality.
  • This natural clay has an absorptive power.
  • Helps supply of mineral trace elements that may be lacking in the diet.
  • Natural trace elements of Adbhut LS act as catalysts, which aid in metabolism and cell building.
  • These minerals form a gel-like substance that acts as a protective coating in the intestinal tract.
  • Adbhut LS contains both ferrous and ferric iron. Ferrous irons assist in haemoglobin formation and ferric irons for the muscular cells.
  • These minerals function in maintaining osmotic pressure and influence contractility of muscles.
  • Minerals enter into the synthesis of every living cell and influence the vital processes of oxidation, secretion, growth and reproduction
  • Mineral elements are essential to the structure of certain complex chemical compounds, which influence the course of metabolism.

Adbhut Nature

We depend on soils and conversely, good soils depend on us.